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Gmail Gets an Overhaul

Google redesigns Gmail, the most popular email service with over 1.4 billion users. A plethora of features from a fresh look and feel to hover actions, snooze and nudge, confidential self-destructing emails and more, streamlining it with their upcoming Material Design 2. Here is a sneak peek into the latest Gmail.

Delete Facebook? Maybe Not..

The #DeleteFacebook hashtag has been in the rounds for the last week.
WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton tweeted followed by the world renowned entrepreneur Elon Musk who deleted the FB pages of SpaceX and Tesla.
Should you delete Facebook? Maybe not...

The Game of Chess

Would you play or watch a game if it isn't interesting? The answer would be No. It's the same with Chess.
This story is about how I learned to play the game and what happened next.

Darshan Krishnan Random Musings

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A Chartered Accountant in making. Loves music, tech, chess, WordPress. When I'm not working at the office you can find me on my laptop or reading a book.