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ordPress isn’t going anywhere soon. Right now it powers over one-third of the internet and has a 60% share of all Content Management Systems.

This popularity is only expected to increase on the arrival of Gutenberg Editor, which aims to provide a revamped editing experience and compete with Medium, Squarespace and so on.

And today, 27th May, WordPress achieves another milestone. It turns 15.

Leverage the Power of Open-Source

WordPress is an open-source project licensed under the GNU General Public License(GPL) meaning you can use it for free, learn its code, modify it and redistribute it for the better of the community.

From personal blogs to e-commerce and enterprise solutions, WordPress has been the go-to CMS for both non-tech-savvy users and serious developers.

The cornerstone of this open-source project is the community all over the world. 

This community-driven project wouldn’t have been popular without the awesome people who work day and night to contribute back, be it code, design and maintenance services, support and even teaching.

Learn WordPress from the Pros

I’m fairly new to WordPress and it was on version 4.7 when I first installed it.

I’m one of those a little-tech-savvy-guy who learned and still learns everything reading and watching online.

If I could do it, you too can do it.

Here’s a short list of quality blogs, newsletter and podcasts worth checking out to keep yourself updated on WordPress.

Here we go..

WordPress Codex

Codex is the official user manual from the creators of WordPress.

For the starters, it has everything from the baby steps- downloading and installing WordPress, design and development, troubleshooting and contributing to the open-source community.

It also has a glossary which defines every term related to WordPress which you might not be familiar with.

Visit WordPress Codex



WPBeginner continues its journey for the ninth year since inception in 2009. It is the largest and trusted free online resource with over six lakh readers.

Syed Balkhi launched it out of the need to educate budding bloggers, small businesses and non-developers on building better WordPress solutions.

Whether you want to fix an error or know what plugins to use for a specific task you can find it all over there. It isn’t strictly restricted to beginners as intermediate and advanced users can also find interesting stuff.

Just like the Codex, WPBeginner also features a Glossary. The free video tutorials and the featured deals section is also an addition.

Syed and his team are not confined to WPBeginner, but develop amazing products like the OptinMonster, MonsterInsights under its parent company AwesomeMotive Inc.

Visit WPBeginner


WP Tavern

With Jeff Chandler and Sarah Gooding being the core contributors, WPTavern focuses on what’s hot in the WordPress space. WPTavern covers everything under the Automattic umbrella- WordPress, BuddyPress and more.

You can find the latest news and updates, plugin releases, opinion pieces and WPWeekly, a podcast every Friday by Jeff with people in the WordPress space.

The history dates back to 2008 when Jeff purchased the domain in an offer on a blog. It was soon acquired in 2011 by a prominent name in the WordPress space, none other than Matt Mullenweg himself.

One can often find constructive discussions by like-minded people including Matt in the comments section.

Torque Magazine

Torque Mag

Torque Mag, a WPEngine publication, is a trusted resource for beginners as well as developers.

The editorial team led by Emily Schiola runs with complete editorial independence even though it has the managed hosting provider backing.

Launched at the WordCamp San Francisco in July 2013, Torque Mag focuses on everything from the latest news, plugin and theme recommendations, design and development tutorials and much more.

And if you love WordPress news but hate reading, Torque has the Doc Pop’s news drop, a weekly report, on their YouTube channel.

Torque Toons by Doc Pop, an editorial cartoon all about WordPress is also another interesting feature.


WP Kube

WPKube is managed by Devesh Sharma an Indian affiliate marketer, developer and blogger. Dev is still in his early twenties and was 15 when he launched his first online business.

WPKube has a well-established team of WordPress enthusiasts, designers and developers who write in-depth tutorials, plugin and theme reviews, the best hosting and theme recommendation and interviews with prominent WordPressers.

DesignBombs and MeridianThemes are the sister brands of WPKube.


WPLift has been ‘helping you make the most from WordPress since 2010.
But that was their old tagline before Daan Tol acquired the site for a whopping $205K. Now you can ‘Learn WordPress at The Speed of Light.

WPLift is also known for quality, what Oliver Dale did for six years and Daan still continues.

With prominent freelance bloggers and experts on board, their topics range from detailed guides to plugin reviews and listicles for all levels of users right from beginners to experienced developers. You can also join their mailing list for a weekly roundup of posts on every Friday.


ManageWP.org - The people powered community

ManageWP.org is not just a curated source for the latest WordPress news, tutorials and everything WordPress.

Brought to you by the people behind ManageWP.com, a one site dashboard for all of your sites, it is a people-powered community to discover, discuss, vote and share beautiful content produced by the community.

You can register and login with your social media accounts to vote and earn Karma points. On reaching a certain amount of points you can submit your articles too.

The posts are ranked through a well-structured algorithm reducing spam and showing up quality first content. You can filter through the latest or popular posts.

Look nowhere else for curated content. ManageWP.org delivers the best.



CodeinWP was launched in July 2013 by Ionut Neagu of ThemeIsle which helps you understand all aspects of WordPress and create better websites. They have a team of experienced bloggers and freelance writers.

The topics range from detailed tutorials, news and updates, how-tos, well-researched comparison posts, user surveys, transparency reports and much more.

The monthly roundup with ‘This Month in WordPress with CodeinWP’ and the monthly Comics are also some of the interesting pieces.

Elegant Themes Blog


ElegantThemes has been developing quality themes and plugins for the last eight years. The membership which gives you access to Divi, their premium theme and builder, and over 86 themes and 5 plugins is worth checking out.

EleganthThemes Blog is updated daily, even on Sundays, with reviews and recommendations, tutorials and guides, general blogging and productivity hacks and much more.


Not to mention Adam from Blogging Wizard who does a great job, he also does the same at WP Superstars.

While Blogging Wizard has a wider niche, WP Superstars caters to WordPress users. With the tagline being WordPress Simplified, WPSuperstars aims to simplify WordPress so that you can concentrate on your business.

They feature prominent WordPressers who write about plugins, themes, tutorials and much more.

The WordPress Update is a monthly story with handpicked news and articles around the web and their thoughts on it.



The eye-catching illustrations and site design is what makes WP MUDEV go-to resource.

WPMU DEV has been developing quality plugins like the WP Smush Pro, Defender, Hustle and more while writing daily on their blog.

Content-rich tutorials on WordPress, business and marketing, blogging, design and development are some of their topics.


BoBWP aka Bobb Dunn speaks and writes a lot on e-commerce, content marketing, blogging.

He also runs various podcasts like Doo the Woo a WooCommerce podcast, BobWP Neighborhood Podcast on his blog. One can often find a lot more on blogging, content marketing, productivity and more.

Bob has been a trusted influencer for more than a decade.

Chris Lema

Chirs Lema

For anybody who has been in the WordPress space for long, Chris Lema is not a new name.

Chris is known for his storytelling skills which he uses for writing blog posts, speaking at WordCamps, marketing and so on. He has been a trusted advisor to various WordPress businesses like WooCommerce, iThemes and WP101, just to name a few.

At his personal blog, you can find a lot about WordPress, storytelling hacks, membership sites and e-commerce.

Having been developing enterprise solutions and leading diverse teams for over two decades, Chris is currently the VP of Product at Liquid Web a managed WordPress hosting provider.

Chris also writes at everyday at Leadership Notes.


If you love to read and learn from your inbox, here are some amazing newsletters. No spam. Amazing stuff.



MasterWP is a quality newsletter by Alex and Ben, a WordPress marketer and pro theme developer. Delivered every Wednesday for WP professionals it covers diverse topics from the latest news to productivity hacks and much more.

No affiliate links. No spam. Quality content.

Not to mention, they also have a theme recommendation feature on their website which lists out quality niche themes based on your preference.

Get MasterWP


A free WordPress newsletter which is delivered every Thursday.

The 361st issue is all set to be delivered on 7th of June with the latest news, plugin updates, theme releases, podcasts and video tutorials and everything WordPress.

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The WhiP

The WhiP by WPMU DEV

The folks at WPMU DEV deliver the WhiP thrice a week.

It contains handpicked blog posts, latest news and resources from all around the web together with a spoon of fun and humour.

It’s spam free and contains no affiliate links or advertisements.

Get the WhiP

Meet Gutenberg

Like I said at the beginning, WordPress isn’t going anywhere soon. In fact, more is coming with the Gutenberg editor.

The Gutenberg editor is a complete revamp of the existing TinyMCE editor.

For the starters like me, the block-based editor makes it easy to add content, quickly rearrange content, save and reuse blocks and much more.

Right now, it’s under active development in beta stage.

You can test Gutenberg by installing the plugin available in the plugin repo and give out your opinion. It is recommended to install it on a local environment rather than a live site.

Since all eyes are on Gutenberg which is set to arrive in WordPress 5.0 later this year, it is important to keep yourself updated.

Gutenberg News

Gutenberg News

As the name suggests, Gutenberg News provides you with the latest updates, tutorials and all resources related to the new block-based editor.

Gutenberg News is brought to you by the people behind Array Themes, a popular theme shop for creatives who have also developed the Atomic Blocks plugin.

Don’t forget to subscribe to their mailing list.

Ending the list with that one. This isn’t any way an exhaustive list.

There are many other personal blogs, YouTube channels and podcasts that I would love to include but would make the list huge- the Yoast blog, ShoutMeLoud, Matt Report, WP The Podcast, to mention a few.

Have I missed any of them? Please share your favourite ones in the comments… And don’t forget to share it too. 

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Darshan Krishnan

A Chartered Accountant in making. Loves music, tech, chess, WordPress. When I'm not working at the office you can find me on my laptop or reading a book.


Darshan Krishnan Random Musings

About Me

A Chartered Accountant in making. Loves music, tech, chess, WordPress. When I'm not working at the office you can find me on my laptop or reading a book.